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Wednesday, July 14, 2021

Join us in praying and thanking God for His answers:

A member of the team working with Pastor Jonas Muyima has gone ahead to Mukedi to prepare for the Sunday School teachers’ training to be provided by Pastor Jonas and his team. Pray for safety in travel for the team and for participants coming to the training along hazardous roads and trails. Ask the Holy Spirit to equip participants spiritually and practically through the training to be able to serve the children and youth in their churches better, and for the team to keep good records so that students and churches can be followed up.

Rev. Galilée J. Perilus, Chairman of Word of Life in Haiti, a partner of BLF, asks for prayer for the construction of new classrooms for their Bible School in Haiti. Pray for the availability of materials and labor, safety on the site, and problem-free construction of rooms that will meet their needs for training spiritual leaders for this poorest country in the Western hemisphere.

Pray for the nation of Haiti following the assassination of its President on July 7, and for its Christian leaders and churches to reach out to their communities at this uncertain and unsettled time. • Pray for those who despair to find hope in Jesus Christ. • Pray for deliverance for those in bondage to voodoo. • Pray for the development of long-term plans saturated with wisdom and justice. (last 3 prayer points from Prayercast.com)

The Phillips Family, France
After engaging a lawyer, the Phillips are seeing some progress toward obtaining their residence cards. They were granted a meeting, and their file is now being processed. Please pray the process through to completion, for without residence cards, the Phillips cannot leave France for furlough because they would be unable to get back in.

God Leading us Forward
Thank you for praying for the BLF Board Meeting. Board members were aware of God’s hand on the preparations and the proceedings. Executive Director Angela Brandle outlined a plan for building on our heritage to minister with and to new generations. As new projects and partnerships are begun and developed, ask God to lead in each step and detail. The Board commissioned Angela Brandle through prayer. Ask God to lead us to the right experts as we look to develop our branding, website, brochures, and other media with a view to presenting the vision God has given us to equip His children in French-speaking areas of the world with biblical tools to grow His Church. We dream of more Christians catching the vision and wanting to help us make Christian literature available in French.

Jordan Lockwood
Jordan Lockwood

Jordan Lockwood, staff writer
Jordan is a third generation BLFer! His grandparents, Dr. Marshall and Marilyn Matthews supported our work in many ways when stationed as a military family near the BLF publishing and printing center in Belgium. Their daughter, Lynn Matthews Lockwood, has been serving on the BLF Ministries Board for the past 10 years. Jordan, a graduate of George Fox University, is her son who serves as a volunteer staff writer. Jordan would appreciate prayer as he looks for a professional position, and as he practices for a driving test. Praise God for all that this family has contributed to God’s work through BLF over the decades and pray for other families to pass on their vision to their children and grandchildren.

Eileen Martin
Eileen Martin

Eileen Martin
We welcome Eileen Martin, a certified translator with business experience, who is working part-time with Angela on projects involving French, juggling her hours and duties around another job. She is a gift from God!

Gary Hendricks
Gary Hendricks

Thank you, Gary! Thank you, Lord!
After 22 years of producing and mailing BLF’s Prayer and Praise updates, and after much consideration, consultation, prayer, and God’s clear leading, Gary Hendricks is stepping down from this vital ministry. We take this opportunity to express our appreciation for the thousands of hours that Gary has dedicated to keeping you, our partners in prayer, informed of requests and answers to prayer. His ministry has helped to build and maintain a strong foundation of prayer for our ministry. We wish Gary well and invite you to pray for Gary as he gives more time to family members, his work, college teaching, and ministry activities.

We are glad that Gary will continue to serve on the Board of BLF Ministries. Gary says, “I have learned so much regarding prayer and yet have so much to learn. Every day that passes, I rejoice and better understand the importance of consistent, constant, active prayer. This kind of prayer is strategic to all missions and ministry.” Pray for Gary’s 99-year-old mother Ruth to have a lucid moment to trust Christ as her Savior.

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