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For Wednesday, March 24, 2021

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Sunday School Leadership Field Training
Sunday School Leadership Field Training in D.R. Congo

- We praise God and ask you to continue to pray! The Sunday school teacher pictured to the left, is excited to share how God is using the BLF Africa Sunday School Curriculum to change whole families for Christ. The field training continues in D.R. Congo with BLF Ministries partner Pastor Jonas Muyima. Please pray for the effectiveness of the training that many would understand the Gospel and choose Jesus as their Savior and Lord.

Dungu, D.R. Congo
Dungu, D.R. Congo

- Praise the Lord with us! On March 12 BLF Éditions in France informed us that the boxes of books going to the Christian University, located in Dungu, D.R. Congo, were on their way through the international postal system. They are addressed to a pastor at Entebbe in Uganda.

He will keep them until a Christian trucker from Dungu arrives to pick them up. Then he will take them across the border into D.R. Congo and on to Dungu. BLF USA has sent payment for the cost of the books and also their transport.

Please join us in praying for the safety of these books all the way to Dungu. It is a long trip! Pray for the professors and the students who will be using these books for their studies, that the Lord will use the books to increase their knowledge and understanding of His Word, and they will pass on what they learn to those around them. Pray also that BLF will be able to supply more Bible schools in Africa with helpful books.

- Please pray for Nathan and Annie Phillips and family, BLF missionaries in France. They have been waiting for the French government to resolve some passport issues now for 3 years.

- Please pray for Russ and Mary Ann Miller, BLF USA Representatives, based in Florida. Russ is having some health challenges. Please pray for a doctor's prognosis this Wednesday, March 24th.

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17 boxes of books heading to Haiti
17 boxes of books heading to Haiti

- Exciting times at BLF Canada!

We have so much to praise God for this week! Here are some items we would ask you to both praise God for and pray for His ongoing work:

-- 17 boxes of books from BLF Éditions, are finally getting shipped to the library for the Hatian school for training pastors. While we have had some of these books for a while, because of COVID, shipping was limited. We are thankful that we can now ship!
--- This Friday we will be receiving construction estimates for improvements to the building for the new Francophone Christian radio station. We are excited to see things moving forward as warmer temperatures arrive with spring!
--- We are now training a group of pastors in Togo, Africa via Zoom video teleconferencing. Along with that, we have been working with several churches here in Canada to provide training and messages to their churches (some in French and some in English). While the world situation has been difficult, God has provided new and creative ways to expand the Gospel of Jesus Christ - Praise God!

Please pray as God expands our opportunities to share Jesus Christ and engage people to grow in His Word! God is SO good!

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