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For Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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- Urgent Prayer Request For Haiti -
Especially The Port au Prince Area.

As of late, it appears the political unrest and other things have signficantly degraded life in Haiti. Recently, the U.N. peacekeeping mission to Haiti has ended and this past Thursday has withdrawn. The Canadian government is now classifying Haiti with warnings for non-essential travel. The US Embassy in Haiti has now classified Haiti with a Level 3 Travel Advisory: "Reconsider travel to Haiti due to crime, civil unrest, and kidnapping". There are now restrictions for all US Embassy staff travel within the country. Other countries are now issuing similar restrictions.

We have heard from Pastor Galilée Périllus (whom we work with there) and others we have been in contact with, that the danger level around Port au Prince is very high.

"Dear Toe-Blake Roy, The political situation in Haiti is very difficult, no gas, no water, all the banks in my city have been closed for 4 weeks. It has been 2 monthis since we've had electricity. Please - continue to pray for Haiti."  -Pastor Galilée Périllus

Please pray that Jesus would change the hearts in that country for His glory and strenghten belivers to proclaim His great name in the midst of great termoil.

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Pastor Jonas

Fred Mondin, editor, BLF Éditions
Fred Mondin,
(editor, BLF Éditions)

Seminar Participants
Seminar Participants

BLF USA Reps Russ and Mary Ann< Miller
Russ and Mary Ann

- Please pray for Jonas and Eleonore as they are preparing for a month-long trip to Congo (DRC). There are many details to take of before they leave on December 2nd. Also, the container with the Sunday School materials and Leader packs as well as many other ministry items will be docking in Matadi, DRC on November 16th. Please pray the shipment will arrive safely and quickly be released through customs without excess “fees” or undue delays. Then contents will then be transported to Kinshasa... (more details on the next BLF Prayer & Praise).

- With BLF Canada's more recent report on the persistent unrest in Haiti over the past few days, in late August, Fred Mondin (editor, BLF Éditions), conducted a seminar in Port-au-Prince, Haiti - here a brief of his report:

"A seminar on effective writing took place in the premises of STEP (Evangelical Theological Seminary of Port-au-Prince). The twenty participants were mostly teachers, as well as the dean, but also some young students. All have shown great attention to the principles taught and are eager to put them into practice.

I was then invited to preach four times in four days, during the institute's back-to-school conference that was to begin yesterday. Unfortunately, this first day had to be canceled. The private company in charge of supplying gasoline has decided to stop its activity because the government is no longer paying for it. Gasoline is expensive, a black market exists. The population has therefore installed roadblocks to protest. It may be all week long.

- Pray that a solution will be found, that the leaders will emerge from their indifference and that the country will regain its economic and political stability.
- Let us pray that the Christians of Haiti grow in hope of the Gospel and spread it in a country that is sorely lacking.
- Pray for the STEP to form dedicated leaders to fully play their role in transforming the country."

- Russ and Mary Ann Miller want to thank everyone who prayed for us and the Global Missions Health Conference. The Lord answered your prayers for safety as we traveled over 1800 miles without any problems. He also gave us good conversations with a number of mission organizations who were definitely interested in BLF books to help in their ministries. We will stay in touch with these contacts. Praise the Lord!

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