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For Wednesday, June 13, 2018

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Please pray for BLF Éditions

Please pray for the BLF Éditions board meeting on Thursday, June 21 and for the annual General Assembly that evening in Marpent, France.

Please pray for wisdom as BLF continues to seek the Lord's guidance concerning many current and potential projects. The General Assembly is a fun and interactive time with "friends of BLF Éditions." These "friends" join the board and staff to rejoice in God has been doing through BLF that year, see the latest books, and find out what’s on the horizon. In past years, participants have included bookstore owners, proofreaders, local pastors, Bible school professors, and many others. Last year BLF USA director Rory Clark enjoyed meeting some of the really "behind-the-scenes" people (like proofreaders) for the first time, and hear them share their vision and the joy of partnership to reach the Francophone world for Christ.

Please pray for BLF Éditions' Fred Mondin and BLF USA's Rory Clark

Please pray for safe travels (and good train connections) and God's grace as BLF USA director Rory Clark goes to France. Please pray also for Rory and BLF Éditions' Fred Mondin's work on the Prospectives translation. They are expecting to make significant progress during Rory’s extended time in France (June 18-July 5). "99% of the material is in our hands, so we’re basically doing revisions."
- More details later.

BLF USA Reps Russ and Mary Ann< Miller

Praise from Russ and Mary Ann Miller - Returning with the construction team from BLF Éditions in Marpent France ...
--Thank the Lord for all that He enabled us to do in the warehouse with no injuries, and also that some of us could help with the literature as well.
--Praise the Lord that all of the team members got home safely.
--We are grateful that the BLF staff in France was so helpful and encouraging to us.

Nathan, Annie, Benjamin & Ragamuffin From Nathan and Annie Phillips,
BLF USA Missionaries to BLF Éditions in France

Praise God! Thank you for praying. We finally received our summons to get our fingerprints taken as the next step in the visa process. We go today! (Tuesday) Please continue to pray for our visa process to go quickly because the ETA seems to be mid-August, not the beginning of July like we planned. Please pray for wisdom for what to do if our visas don’t arrive in time for our planned departure date, and please pray for good flights, prices, and seats as we look for plane tickets this week.
           -Nathan, Annie, Benjamin and Ragamuffin

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