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For Wednesday, March 21, 2018

For BLF Éditions ...

- Please pray for the BLF Éditions board meetings being held on Thursday, March 22, which Rory Clark will also be attending. May we be attentive to His voice above all others.

- Praise God for answering our prayers. He has provided Sophie, a French woman already involved in our broader network of friends of BLF Éditions, to replace Nathan Philips temporarily while he, Annie and Ben are in the States.

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Pray for the upcoming FDE Seminars and Toe-Blake Rory Praise God -
He Provides!
He is so faithful -
We are so thankful !

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For BLF Canada ...

-Please pray for the Forum des Evangelistes (FDE) in Quebec City this weekend (March 23-25). The FDE is a seminar attended by 200(ish) evangelists from across Quebec. BLF Canada Director Toe-Blake Roy will be attending this event. Pray for networking opportunities to help BLF Canada to equip the church to reach the French world for Christ.

Pray for the upcoming FDE Seminars and Toe-Blake Rory Pray for the
upcoming FDE Seminars
and BLF Canada's
Toe-Blake Rory

For BLF USA ...

- Nathan and Annie Phillips praise God for His provision for their 1-1/2 year old son Benjamin. When we started daycare back in September, we thought it was so that Annie could go back to work part-time. God knew that he would be providing Ben with the opportunity to grow physically and mentally while he played. Ben was born with a mild case of Cerebral Palsy where a lesion on his brain hinders the movement commands to his right side. By following the big kids at daycare on push cars, down slides, and over the climbing toys, he improved his balance and the strength in his leg.

Now, Ben has the confidence to walk by himself and his physical therapists say he’s too advanced to continue his therapy! He still has one weekly appointment for Ergotherapy that focuses on encouraging him to use his hand and arm. Praise God with us for His plan for Ben’s life and the strength He provides Ben as he grows every day.

- Praise God for an excellent BLF USA board of directors and staff teleconference meeting this past Tuesday, March 13th. Many encouraging and results and opportunities presented itself and God was very present during our discussions. Please pray His hand as we press on for His glory in the work of reaching the Francophone world for Jesus Christ.


Nathan, Annie and Benjamin Phillips
BLF USA Missionaries
Nathan, Annie and
Benjamin Phillips

Nathan, Annie and Benjamin Phillips
Please pray for
the staff and board
of BLF USA as we
focus strategically
on reaching the
Francophone world
for Jesus Christ

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