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For Wednesday, November 8
th , 2017

We pause to pray for the families and friends of the 26 who went home to be with the Lord while attending a Sunday morning service at the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, Texas, this past Sunday. They were murdered - destroyed by the sin, wickedness and the evil that resides in this world.

Around the world, every day is increasingly filled with this world's wickedness. Satan and his evil ones seek to destroy the work that God is doing to reach people with the really good and life giving news of Jesus Christ. You and I are part of that work and are His tools to reach people with that good news.

We are commissioned by Him to share the good news of Jesus Christ and pray for those whose hearts are yet to be transformed by His love, forgiveness, salvation, grace and mercy. This IS the time for His people to reach out to share His Word of truth – and pray!

Since the French speaking people are part of this world, please pray that across this globe, they would turn to Jesus Christ as their Savior. Please pray!

May God richly bless you as you pray and praise Him.

For BLF Canada ...

- Take a few minutes and praise the Lord with us as you read the report of pastor Galilée of the last training of 120 pastors in Haiti. BLF Canada in partnership with Galcom International raised the funds for the audio Bibles. I want to express my gratitude to all of you for your generous contribution toward the audio Bibles.

"Greetings to you from Word of life Haiti in the name of Jesus Christ. We would like to let you know that from November 1st through 2nd, Word of life Haiti, organized two days of seminars on counseling and Christian leadership for 120 pastors and church leaders who come from different cities throughout Haiti.

At the end of their training, we gave nine books and audio a Bible to the participants. They were very appreciative of the training seminars.

These Haitian pastors are very happy to show off their gifts. Each pastor received 10 christian books. These books are valued at almost 3 month of salary for these pastors.

                        -- Rev. Dr. Galilee J. Perilus

Canada BLF Logo

2017 October Pastors Seminar in Haiti
2017 October Pastors Seminar in Haiti

2017 October Pastors Seminar in Haiti
2017 October Pastors Seminar in Haiti

2017 October Pastors Seminar in Haiti
2017 October Pastors Seminar in Haiti

For BLF USA ...

- Russ and Mary Ann Miller are praising the Lord for every new contact and every blessing He has given us on this trip. He has opened many new doors to us and has guided us through each one. PTL!

Now they are heading to Louisville, KY, to attend the Global Missions Health Conference. Pray that they will be able to talk to representatives of many missions working in French-speaking places, to show them books which will be helpful in their ministries. Pray that this will be a fruitful time for BLF.

- Please pray with us this week for President Doris Leuthard and Vice President Alain Berset of Switzerland. Four languages: French, German, Italian and Romansch - are "official", with French speakers making up some 23% of the population (although many more use it as a second language). With wealth and material comfort often comes less desire for religion. Still, 60% to 80% of young people are open to exploring such matters, although most are as likely to look into Eastern religions and the occult as Christianity. Switzerland has the highest percentage of foreign workers of any major state in Europe. Some minority groups from Latin America and Africa have more than 200 congregations that contribute to outreach in Switzerland. Other newer arrivals are highly unevangelized. Praise God that unity is increasing between various evangelical groups and the newer immigrant churches. Please pray for these churches as they proclaim Christ through television, radio, internet, newspaper and conferences. Swiss commitment to world evangelization remains strong, even with its small number of evangelicals. Pray that many there would continue to hear the call of God to serve long-term.

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. And pray for us, too, that God may open a door for our message, so that we may proclaim the mystery of Christ… Colossians 4:2-3

Pray for Doris Leuthard, President of Switzerland
Pray for
Doris Leuthard,
of Switzerland
Pray for the leaders and people of Switzerland<
Pray for the
leaders and
the people
of Switzerland
Pray for Alain Berset, Vice President of Switzerland
Pray for
Alain Berset,
Vice President
of Switzerland

Please click HERE to learn how to pray for the leaders and people of Switzerland.

For more information on the people of Switzerland, please visit the Joshua Project to learn more ways to pray for all the people of Switzerland.

[Source: Pray for the World. Wall, Molly and Operation World. Intervarsity Press, Downers Grove, IL, 2015. Pages 263 and 264.]


BLF USA Reps Russ and Mary Ann< Miller
Russ and Mary Ann

Pray for the World

Pray For The World

Please pray for the people and leaders of Switzerland
to watch
this video
Please Pray
for all the people
and leaders
of Switzerland

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