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For Wednesday, August 16
th , 2017

A few of the Francophone countries we serve with God’s Word are, by this world’s measure, well off financially. Many are desperately impoverished. In reality, all of these countries are filled with people who truly need the love of Christ in their lives. Floundering and blinded by sin, they seek to know what the answer is to life.

Who will share with them the truth that the real answer is in the person of Jesus Christ?
Who will tell them of and show them His love?
Who will hand them God’s Word and explain the good news of life and forgiveness?

Would you please pray for the Francophone world – for the souls who are so completely unreached for Christ? Time runs short - the fields, they are ripe for a harvest of redemption. Please, please pray.

May God richly bless you as you pray and praise!

For BLF Canada ...

- Praise the Lord that the boxes of Audio Bibles have been successfully picked up in Haiti.

- Pray that the audio Bibles will be put to good use, to the Glory of God! Pray that his word will go forth in power.

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For BLF USA ...

- Please pray for Russ and Mary Ann Miller as they travel for BLF for the next month. Pray for safe travel and good health. Pray for wisdom as they present BLF in several new churches and also in small groups. Pray that their listeners will want to pray for BLF ministries and for the Lord to continue working among French speakers, bringing many to know Him.

- Please pray for the staff of BLF Éditions during the last week of their annual 3-week summer holiday. May they return refreshed and renewed next week.

- This week we ask for prayer for the people of Madagascar and their leaders Hery Rajaonarimampianina, President and Olivier Solonandrasana, Prime Minister. Madagascar was a colony of France from 1897 - 1960. This land of rich, unique plant and animal species suffers due to the slash-and-burn farming techniques that destroyed about 80% of the rainforest cover. Most people live on an average of less than $1 US/day. Pray for leadership that will serve the people well, and for development that lifts people out of poverty.

Often the church grows in the midst of crisis and Madagascar is no exception though old beliefs dominate, even within Christianity. Many compromise with reverence to ancestral spirits and with witchcraft. Pray for revival for the Holy Spirit to awaken churches in decline and bring unity among the leaders and churches. Praise God for the significant revival movements that have happened several times in the last 100+ years, most recently in the 1980s.

[Source: Pray for the World. Wall, Molly and Operation World. Intervarsity Press, Downers Grove, IL, 2015. Page 42 - 43]

Pray for Hery Rajaonarimampianina, President of Madagascar
Pray for Hery
President of
Pray for the leaders and people of Madagascar
Pray for the
and the
people of
Pray for Olivier Mahafaly Solonandrasana, Prime Minister of Madagascar
Pray for
Olivier Mahafaly Solonandrasana,
Prime Minister of

Please click HERE to learn how to pray for the leaders and people of the Madagascar. For more information on Madagascar, please visit the Joshua Project to learn more ways to pray for the peoples (and people) of Madagascar.


BLF USA Reps Russ and Mary Ann< Miller
Russ and Mary Ann

Pray for the World
Pray For The World

Please pray for the people and leaders of Madagascar
Please pray for
the people
and leaders of

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