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For Wednesday, March 22
nd , 2017

Every week that passes in time, we see more and more how God uses His people who pray to change things for eternity. Consequently, it becomes increasing “insufficient” just to say “Thank You for being faithful in prayer”. But indeed we say to you “Thank You” for changing lives for eternity. Thank You for your faithfulness to bring these things to God in prayer. While don’t usually see “instant results” of prayer, sometimes years later we reflect on God’s immeasurable faithfulness to say “Oh yeah, we prayed about that some time ago”. Being faithful in prayer is the bedrock "foundational" partnership that makes things happen.

Today, we thank you in advance of the results that God will bring forth for His glory as a result of your faithfulness to pray - today!    - Romans 12:12

May God richly bless you as you pray and praise!

For BLF Canada ...

- Pray for the Forum des Évangélistes
(Evangelists Forum) in Quebec on Saturday, March 25th. BLF Canada director Toe-Blake Roy will be attending this this event.

Pray for God to raise up French evangelists who will be inspired and anointed to share the gospel among their country men.

For more on the Forum des Évangélistes, click HERE. (Note - this PDF is in French)

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For BLF USA ...

- Please continue to pray that BLF would receive the $24,000 needed for the reprinting of Sunday school curriculum. This material has not only been distributed in Africa, but also Haiti.

Currently several parts of the curriculum are out of stock, therefore at this time we unable supply even one complete set.

Requests keep coming, but we are unable to respond to them at present. We would love to be able to supply these churches with the tools they need to teach their children the transformational stories from God's Word in a relevant way.

- Please take a moment to pray for the leaders of the Francophone world and the countries they lead. This week, our focus is Central African Republic (CAR); we are praying specifically for Faustin Touadéra, President and Simplice Sarandji, Prime Minister.

Crippled by conflict, CAR’s economy and infrastructure have been devastated. Even though CAR is one of the most evangelized nations in the world, the upheavals in this country, along with nearby Chad and Sudan, have reversed the progress of the gospel in some regions. Please pray for the north, especially for the Runga people (90% Muslim) and the Gula/Kara people (65% Muslim).

The potential for church growth in CAR is massive. Pray for increased funding for the Bangui Evangelical Graduate School of Theology, so it can train more students, and for these students’ impact throughout the continent. Pray also for the Christian radio stations that help broadcast the gospel every week.

[Source: Wall, Molly and Operation World. Pray for the World. Intervarsity Press, Downers Grove, IL, 2015. Pages 17-18.]

Pray for Faustin Touadéra, President of Central African Republic
Pray for
Faustin Touadéra
President of
Central African Republic
Pray for the leaders and people of Central African Republic
Pray for
the leaders
and the people
of Central African Republic
Pray for Governor General David Lloyd Johnston of Central African Republic
Pray for
Simplice Sarandji
Prime Minister of
Central African Republic

Please click HERE to learn how to pray for the leaders and people of Central African Republic. For more information on Central African Republic, please visit the Joshua Project to learn of more ways to pray for the people and leaders of Central African Republic.


Sunday school curriculum for distribution in Africa
Sunday School
for distribution in
Africa and Haiti

Pray for the World
Pray For The World

Please pray for the people and leaders of Central African Republic
Please pray
for the people
and leaders of
Central African Republic

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