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Wednesday, November 17, 2021

You have been praying with us, and God has been answering!

Russ & Mary Ann Miller with Joy Axelson

Russ and Mary Ann Miller with Board member Joy Axelson

Russ and Mary Ann Miller
The Millers are in the middle of a move to a more suitable environment. If you have ever moved, you will know how to pray for the many things they must think about and deal with each day, the numerous decisions to make, discovering a new neighborhood and town, opening new bank and utility accounts, leaving friends and neighbors, the pressure of final packing, and countless other details to coordinate. Thank God for help with loading and transporting what they plan to keep and pray for help with setting up. Ask God to renew their strength and to go before them in this transition to a new chapter of life, local ministry, and continuing ministry with BLF.

The Phillips have three flights to California on November 18, a long journey with little ones. At last, grandparents and supporters will meet Caleb and see how Ben has grown! Pray for good times with family, good meetings with supporters and churches, and time to be refreshed. Thank God for the faithful team of supporters that stands with the Phillips and pray for more to join them. The Phillips will also be presenting all of BLF’s projects, so ask God to inspire people to join in our efforts to get literature to those who need it most by supporting a project (or more than one).

BLF Canada
It may seem like a small thing but a blocked toilet at the church building housing the new radio station made life inconvenient. Team members, contractors, and the Roys, who had moved into the church while waiting for their new home to be ready, had to go to the Ultramar service station three blocks away! A plumber discovered the problem 65 feet away in the street, and eventually fixed it. Original legal documents for the building had been lost in a fire. Thank God that all legal matters are now current and in order. Pray that the plan for the first 35,000 homes to receive a printed Gospel booklet and an announcement about the radio station to be completed by the end of the year. Pray that people will read what they receive and that the Holy Spirit will open eyes and hearts to His truth.

Please continue to pray for Haiti. The situation is becoming worse.

Thank God for the improvement in Eléanore Muyima’s health following surgery.

Our partners in DRC have been refining the business plan for a Print-on-demand facility to be installed at an African Enterprise property in Kinshasa to print books at affordable prices. Thank God for sending
Bernard T, an African Christian entrepreneur, to advise those working on the financial plans.

Ask God for growth of spiritual understanding for Sunday School teachers and their classes in many churches in southern D.R.C. as they work their way through the several-year-long Sunday School curriculum, the teachers preparing the lessons, and the children learning them. As they read and hear, may they understand; as they understand, may they apply the lessons in their lives to become “like a tree planted by streams of water that yields its fruit in its season, and its leaf does not wither.”
Ps. 1:3

Lynn Lockwood at Missions Fest Seattle

Board member Lynn Lockwood working at Missions Fest Seattle

God Leading Us Forward
Board Member Lynn Lockwood and Executive Director Angela Brandle had good opportunities to share at Missions Fest Seattle about the French-speaking world and the great need for access to Bibles and biblical books in so many places. Several, including a French/Swiss family, signed up for more information when our new website goes live in English and French. A large Christian school cancelled their attendance at the Friday Field Day due to Covid 19, but Angela had a group of very engaged and participative children and youth, two of whom are learning French. Our new display was appreciated and educational, many people saying that they “had no idea” how widely French is spoken in the world! Some people even took photos! Much literature was taken. Ask God to provide financial resources through His people who are seeking His direction about how to join in supporting His work. We were able to inform them about our projects which will also appear in our next issue of Impressions, now ready to go to press.

Testing of our renewed web site will begin this week. Pray that any wrinkles will be found and ironed out. Pray for good coordination of communications to announce our new name and logo, the mailing of Impressions – where the new name and logo are explained, and the opening of the web site to the public.

Notre Dieu répond fidèlement à la prière. Merci de prier fidèlement !

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