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November 3, 2021

God continues to lead us forward

BLF Canada
The newly installed radio station in Brownsburg, Quebec, passed the ISED tests with flying colors. They are now in a period of testing before going live at the end of November. BLF Canada’s partner Every Home for Christ is funding the evangelistic efforts. BLF Canada director, Toe-Blake Roy, calls the synchronization of a new radio station with its Gospel broadcasts and this evangelistic campaign “a beautiful marriage.” Pray that the Holy Spirit will speak through the Gospel message being delivered to homes along with information about the new radio station, and that recipients will tune in to hear more of God’s good news… and trust Christ.

A retired pastor from Toronto moving to Lachute, Quebec, came to the Brownsburg church housing the radio station asking, “What do you need? I will make it happen.” While renovating his own house in Lachute, he generously funded the work on the church building that needs to be finished before winter. Thank you for your prayers. God continues to provide in unexpected and generous ways.

God Leading Us Forward
Pray for Angela Brandle and Lynn Lockwood participating in Missions Fest Seattle on November 5th and 6th. Angela will speak to several hundred children on the 5th and lead a workshop on the 6th. Ask God to send many visitors to our table who will want to learn more about the French-speaking world and be moved to join us in sending literature to “300 million waiting people” (the title of Angela’s workshop). Pray for safety in travel.

Pray for a good response to our new project brochure More Than Surgery at the Global Missions Health Conference in Louisville, KY. We are praying for the project to raise money to equip African missionary surgeons with biblical books for their spiritual ministry. These surgeons have little income and trust God to provide for their material needs. Biblical books in French will enable them to minister effectively to the spiritual needs of their patients, medical students, and church members.

Thanks to their visa cards, the Phillips will be able to make a trip to California and Washington over the holidays to speak in churches and spend time with family. Pray for them and the planning of the trip. There is much to fit into a short time.

Eleanore, wife of Pastor Jonas Muyima, had to have emergency surgery. Pray for a good recovery and for her strength to return.

As we hear daily about Haiti in the news, let’s continue to pray for the country, the hostages, leaders working for their release, and Christian churches to point people to Christ in these insecure times. Pray for the students at the Word of Life Bible School being equipped to use God’s word well in ministry.

Thank you for joining us in the ministry of prayer. Good keeps on answering!

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