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Wednesday, October 20, 2021

You have been praying with us, and God has been answering!

Annie Phillips has received word that her residence permit is ready. As they say, God may not be early, but he is never late! Now the family can travel out of the country. Pray for the planning of an overdue (but short) visit to the US to report to churches and supporters, reconnect with family, and visit with the Executive Director (who happens to live between Nathan’s and Annie’s hometowns).

Drilling For Water

Our partner, Bradley Graber with Hope4Congo, reports that the drilling project at Ndjoko Punda was successful above and beyond expectations. The team found water at 55 feet opening up into a large reservoir that extends down more than 188 feet. With 188 feet of casing installed this will provide as much water as the solar pump is designed to handle. There is a great celebration going on at Ndjoko Punda. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Pray for the books from BLF provided to a local school to bear fruit in the lives of the teachers and students.

God's Provision Of Water

Pastor Jonas Muyima returned safely to the US at the beginning of October. You will be able to read about the busy final leg of his journey in our next Newsletter. If you would like to receive the Newsletter, call 630-221-1980 or send email to info@blfusa.org.

BLF Canada
While away on Prince Edward Island, Toe-Blake Roy, Director of BLF Canada, heard that the inspection with ISED, the Canadian branch of the government doing a final inspection for the radio station, went very well. Thank you so much for praying, because the night before the big final test and inspection, the radio station did not have any Internet connection, without which testing would have been impossible. Now they await the written report from ISED after which they can officially go on the air. Pray for the Holy Spirit to awaken hearts in the 185,000 homes that are within range of the radio, through both Gospel literature they are receiving, and the radio broadcasts.

God has a sense of humour. François Bédard, our missionary who welcomed the inspector from ISED, ministers in St-Camil, Québec. It turns out that the Inspector’s father also comes from St-Camil. What a divine coincidence!

God Leading Us Forward
We are getting ready for a big media rollout in November. Pray against glitches or delays. Our vision and mission are the same as they have always been, to provide biblical literature to the French-speaking world, but updates were needed. Thanks to your prayers, the renewal of the website is almost ready for testing, the Newsletter is being designed with a new look, and information is being prepared about new projects approved by the Board to get God’s word into more hands, hearts, and homes. Pray for Nathan as he works with Angela to produce a video to present our ministries to the public, that the result will be inspiring. Thank God for a great team that has already worked on writing, editing, art, and technical aspects! Please keep praying that all these tools will be designed well to be used by God to inform and inspire participation in His work.

SE Africa

Burundian Refugees
Pastor Charles Baraka is a pastor from French-speaking Burundi. He built a school by faith for the children of Burundian refugees in English-speaking Malawi. Having no resources, they made their own bricks, and he persuaded young people to work as volunteers to build the school not only for the children in the church but in the wider refugee community. Pray for windows and doors for the building and for the repair of cracks, as well as for school supplies. BLF has supplied the Sunday School Curriculum for the teachers.

Pray that it will help teachers to better understand the Bible, and that children will discover God’s love, salvation, and guidance in their lives. Life is difficult for the refugees who live on $3 per month, especially for widows, young mothers, and orphans. Pray for them to have the means to start small businesses to generate income. Teachers at the school need to eat and the children need nourishment to be able to follow their studies. Ask God to meet their physical and spiritual needs, and for Pastor Charles as he helps them.

Thank you for joining us in prayer for God’s work.

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