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Wednesday, October 6, 2021

God has been answering prayers!


God continues to answer our prayers for the Phillips family in France. Nathan has received his residence permit. Continue to pray for Annie’s to be ready soon so that they will be able to plan travel. Nathan is working on a missionary story/devotional Une vie consacrée, une nation transformée (Press On! is the English title) about the life and ministry of James Gribble. Pray that God will use this amazing and inspiring story with thoughtful questions at the end of each chapter for missionaries, people thinking about leaving for the mission field, and for those that send missionaries from French-speaking countries.

BLF Canada

The construction of the radio station is progressing well. God has provided financially for phase two to stay on schedule. Final testing and the very important final inspection by the CRTC and ISED are on October 5, before permission can be given to go on air.

Toe-Blake Roy continues to work with Every Home for Christ to distribute a written message of the Gospel and an announcement about the new radio station to homes in the area. It is now estimated that the 250-watt radio station will reach 185,000 homes, many more than earlier anticipated. They will start with 35,000 homes (by Christmas) and then the other homes, most likely by Easter. After five challenging years getting this project up and running, they are starting to see the white in the harvest!

Thank God for some family vacation for Toe-Blake and Linda on Prince Edward Island, and that their grandchildren ask theological and ministry questions as they snuggle with grandpa. Pray for these youngsters to grow in grace and truth and faithfully serve God in their generation.


Praise the Lord that the construction of classrooms at the Bible school in Haiti has not been affected by the recent earthquake. Pray that God will guide Toe-Blake Roy as he is considering a return to Haiti in 2022 to teach. Ask God for another qualified Bible teacher to help teach the following courses in French: ethics in ministry; biblical financial management; marriage, family, and ministry; evangelism, hermeneutics, homiletics, church planting and growth; introduction to the books of the Bible; the Church and development.

God leading us forward


Pray that progress will be as sure as it is swift on the newly built website which is now being filled with content. Pray for the remaining preparation (design and printing) of the fall Impressions Newsletter, and for the staff members collecting, writing, editing, and finding photos for our new brochures.

Angela Brandle thanks God for a relevant theme, training tracks, and good networking at the recent Missio Nexus Mission Leaders conference. Pray that she will implement them well.

Thank God with Angela for a wonderful World Outreach Week at Corban University (Salem, OR) where she was able to introduce students to the huge French-speaking world and receive constructive comments about a visual presentation being prepared for the public. The professor of Intercultural Studies, who was herself a missionary in French-speaking countries in Africa, participated with great interest. Pray that the final version of the presentation will inspire new people to pray for and participate in sending biblical literature to the French-speaking world.

Thank you for joining us in prayer for God’s work.

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