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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

God has been answering prayers!

The Phillips family in France

Caleb is now American after a visit to the US Embassy in Paris. His passport is on the way along with Benjamin's second one. The Lord unblocked the process for renewing official residence papers which should soon be in the Phillips’ hands. With Covid restrictions somewhat reduced, Nathan can go to work some days of the week and works from home on the others. God granted Annie’s wish that Caleb would take his first steps before going to day care. Thank God for his kindness in life’s special moments.

Volunteer technicians setting up the radio equipment

Volunteer technicians setting up the radio equipment

BLF Canada

Thank God for the dedicated team of three technicians from Aujourd’hui l’Espoir who worked an 11-hour shift to set up the radio station equipment in Brownsburg, QC. Praise God that phase one of the project has been completed and paid in full. Pray for God’s people to be generous in supporting phases two and three to complete renovations of the equipment room and replace all the building’s doors that are nearly 100 years old and not insulated. They would like to do this before winter to reduce the cost of heating and ensure greater security for the new equipment. Thank God for our partner Galcom that invested in the equipment and upgraded the equipment in the Aujourd’hui l’Espoir studio in Quebec City.

BLF Canada Director Toe-Blake Roy is working with Every Home for Christ to plan a major evangelistic outreach in the area that the radio will reach. Pray for the preparation of a professionally designed bilingual introductory letter to present the new radio station (102.7) to some 35,000 homes during the first week of December, to be sent with a booklet explaining the Gospel.

Thank you very much for your faithfulness in prayer and financial support! We are delighted to see this church building come alive again for the glory of God in reaching souls for Christ in the community of Brownsburg and far beyond as His message of hope will be announced around the clock.

Democratic Republic of Congo

A Sunday School teacher in DRC said that he is thankful that the Sunday School curriculum he received will help the children in his church to know the way of God and grow up equipped to take responsibilities working in the church. Pray that that all the children being taught will walk in God’s ways and desire to serve God in their churches.

Board Chair Tom Rice presents a Bible to Janet Peluso in appreciation of her previous role

Board Chair Tom Rice presents a Bible to Janet Peluso in appreciation of her previous role

God leading us forward

God answered your prayers for the Board meetings, giving wisdom in discussions and God-honoring outcomes. We thank God for new Board member Dr. Amy Lynelle, her skills in French, and experience in mission ministry. Eli Nupanga has joined us as a consultant with skills in I.T., media, marketing, and translation. Eliana Imes has been appointed as part-time content and style editor. Pray for the preparation of brochures for the 11 projects approved by the Board to put written biblical resources into the hands and hearts of those who lack them, and a video presentation for the public to view. Work on the new web site is progressing well. Pray that we will have enough qualified volunteers available to translate the web site into French. Pray for Janet Peluso who has stepped into the role of Stewardship Manager with special responsibility for working with donors.

Thank you for your ministry of intercession. As you can see, God is answering!

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