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Wednesday, September 8, 2021

Thank you for faithfully praying for God’s work through BLF Ministries and our partners. Every week, we notice how he answers and we rejoice. Sometimes, he surprises us; sometimes he changes our plans. As you pray over the next two weeks, bear in mind what God says: “A man’s heart plans his way, but the LORD directs his steps." In BLF, not only do we pray before starting our daily work, but also before our meetings and again at the end, because we want the Lord to direct our steps. We pray the same for you.

Look now – because renovations are changing this!

Look now – because renovations are changing this!

Technical details are under way
Technical details
are under way

BLF Canada

Praise the Lord for what has been accomplished by the teams working on the radio station in Brownsburg, QC. The tower and antenna have been erected. The coaxial cable is ready to be brought into the church building and the base for the porch has been installed. The ramps for the porch are being made. The electrician has fitted necessary electrical outlets to connect the radio equipment. The chimney has been taken down and inside walls gutted. Some years ago, the back section of the church suffered water damage when the fire department extinguished an electrical fire. New insulation and drywall are needed before radio equipment, graciously provided by Galcom, can be installed. Just as we have asked God for five years to provide for this project of his, we look to him for provision to complete phase two. We thank God for generous supporters and faithful prayer as BLF Canada seeks to witness for God in the mainly French-speaking province of Quebec.

Democratic Republic of Congo

Hope 4 Congo, with whom BLF Ministries partners for the installation of a Print-On-Demand facility in Kinshasa and in the distribution of Bibles and books, asks that God’s name will be honored in all that they do. Pray that the various expertise offered by the partners in the POD venture will combine in practical ways towards the long-term sustainability of the project. Ask God to indicate his choice of members of a local board and of staff for the POD. Along with this, H4C is involved in the construction of a hospital, well drilling, an agricultural “farm to market” program, and supplying school desks. Pray for these projects to succeed through God’s power and blessing and for the communities to become rooted in His Word as they receive it.

Pastor Jonas Muyima has extended his time in DRC until October 1st to assist in a family matter. This will give him time to visit some churches to see how they are using the BLF Sunday School curriculum. Uphold Pastor Jonas and wife Eleanor in this longer separation.

God leading us forward

BLF Ministries Board will meet (mostly) in person on September 10th and 11th. Pray for safe travel and for practical arrangements. Ask God to direct discussion and decisions for the development of our work and that the participants will be sensitive to his Holy Spirit. As BLF Ministries fulfills the Board’s mandate to respond in appropriate ways to the needs of a changing world at home and abroad while remaining true to our mission, pray for our staff, consultants, and experts working on communications projects. After the Board Meetings, brochures will need to be created to inform and invite God’s people to join in providing the Bibles and books needed to make and grow disciples in French-speaking communities that lack them.

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