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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

Join us in praying and thanking God for His answers:

Students at an elementary school in Mukedi
Students at an elementary school in Mukedi

DRC Pastor Jonas Muyima reports that 20 teachers of religion were trained in Lwende Nzangala on how to use BLF Sunday School curriculum in their classrooms at elementary school and high school levels. The students at an elementary school in Mukedi are amazed about the wonderful training their teachers of religion received as the teachers present their well-prepared lessons. The educational program in the DRC authorizes the teaching of religion once a week in each class at this level. Teachers and students thank God and donors.

Haiti Bible School construction July 2021

Madagascar, a large island off the east coast of Africa, is suffering the worst drought in four decades. 1.4 million people are food insecure as famine looms because of reduced rainfall in recent years. People, most of whom live on less than $1 a day, are trading what few goods they own for any food they can find. Pray not only for compassionate relief and long-term solutions, but for the Gospel to spread there through churches, missionaries, and Christian literature, so that people may have hope not only for this life but for eternity too. “The majority of the population practices the old folk religions that have been a part of their culture for centuries. This is vividly seen in the practice of venerating and reburying dead ancestors.

The lack of biblically trained leaders and structured teaching for other Christians have allowed many of these old beliefs and traditions to be incorporated into the Church.” (Source: prayercast.com). Pray for Bibles and books to be distributed and for the training of leaders to teach them.

Burkina Faso
Pray for Nadège, a Sunday School teacher trained by Esther Schaeffer with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, and recipient of BLF Sunday School materials, that she would prepare well for her Sunday School ministries and continue to be an example for other teachers. Pray that as CMA distributes the Sunday School materials, they would get into the hands of those who are teaching each week. Pray that CMA workers would be an encouragement to each one of the teachers in their area of Burkina Faso.

Banana trees are growing!
Banana trees are growing!

The Word of Life Bible school in Haiti continues to expand the cultivation of crops on their ground to create revenues for the school. They are making very good use of the generator and water pump that were donated to them. The construction of the Bible school Word of Life Haiti is advancing too.

High speed internet has been installed at the church where the new radio station will be hosted in Brownsburg, Quebec. The municipality of Brownsburg have granted a permit for the modifications needed to accommodate the radio station. Toe-Blake Roy has been in contact with the contractor that will be doing the work in preparation for the team coming from August 15-20th from Hamilton, On (Galcom); Lachute, QC (Helpers on the site); Quebec City (electrician); and St-Camile, QC (general help and food preparation for the week). This exciting project is happening because of your faithfulness in prayer and financial support for which we are so grateful!

God leading us forward
We appreciate prayer for the leadership and staff teams of BLF Ministries, that God will inspire and lead in the decisions and details as we update our website and communications pieces to inspire new people to participate in our ministries, and as we adopt new projects to put biblical tools into the hands of French-speaking people who need them most yet can least afford to buy them. Pray for generous new donors whose heart is to lay up treasure in heaven by using their earthly treasure to finance God’s work so that people living without Christ will come to know Him and be discipled in His ways. We give thanks for those who are already doing that.

Thank you for your valuable ministry of intercession.

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