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Wednesday, June 30, 2021

Join us in praying and thanking God for His answers:

Democratic Republic of Congo
Pastor Jonas Muyima and his team hope to go to Mukedi at the beginning of July, having experienced delays due to two bouts of malaria and a Covid advisory affecting travel. They want to complete their agenda of training, so Pastor Jonas has extended his trip to the end of July, hoping to be back in the U.S.A. on August 2. Ask God to sustain his wife Eleonore during her husband’s prolonged absence. Pastor Jonas sends greetings to all who are praying for the ministry of his team. Thank you.

Covid in Kinshasa
Covid-19 is claiming many lives in Kinshasa. Pray for pastors and Christians sharing the Gospel there, and that people who are sick or living in fear for their lives will recognize and accept the Savior who brings hope for this life and the next.

Rory Clark, Board Member
Rory’s father Walter is now home with Jesus, his deepest wish fulfilled. Thank God for his long, impactful life, celebrated by family and friends in person and through live streaming. Pray for Rory, Marjorie, and their family and friends as they adjust to their loss… until they see him again.

God Leading us Forward: BLF Board
Continue to pray for the Board meeting on June 29, and for the implementation of its decisions. Continue to ask God to lead us to His choice of person to become our Communications Coordinator, two good candidates having been led elsewhere. We are also looking for the right people to become Ambassadors in the United States to share our vision of providing Bibles and biblical books to the greatly overlooked French-speaking world and to inspire people to become involved in this ministry by prayer, giving and going.

Praise God that travel is possible again! BLF Ambassadors Russ and Mary Ann Miller are traveling and speaking in churches again. Pray for the planning of their itineraries, and that they will inspire many, whether long-time or new friends of BLF.

Pray for Executive Director Angela Brandle, also planning travel and preparing a presentation about the 300 million French-speaking People in the world who are waiting… to hear the Gospel, to be discipled, to be equipped for God’s service. God has put a huge mission field before us! Ask God to give His creative inspiration to experts we are consulting for help with updating our media, including Nathan Phillips, graphic designer.

Partners in Ministry
The materials we acquire and distribute can have the greatest impact when we work with trusted partners in ministry. We are currently seeking God’s guidance as we get to know some potential new partners. Pray for fruitful alliances to further the work of African Christian writers, accessibility to Christian books in places where there are few to none, evangelism with follow up of new believers in places where people live and die without Christ, edification of disciples that need to go deeply into God’s Word, and training of leaders to build up congregations and take the Gospel beyond their walls.

burkina faso

French-speaking Countries and Regions of the World: Burkina Faso
The Gospel has not yet reached 27 of Burkina Faso’s 80 people groups. Islam is the country’s largest religion at 55%. The whole BLF Sunday School curriculum has been made available to a missionary who is printing it out to take there at the end of July (more about that to follow in later editions of P&P). Here is a link to information, prayer requests and a short video about Burkina Faso where you can join a Burkinabé Christian in praying for his country: Prayercast | Burkina Faso

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