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Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Join us in praying and thanking God for His answers:

BLF Éditions, France
BLF Éditions and BLF Ministries have mutually agreed to discontinue their partnership. Tim Kyle, the chairman of BLF Éditions said, “We are so thankful for the partnership that BLF Ministries has offered us over the years. Both Tom Rice and I mutually agreed that this was the best option for both BLF Ministries and BLF Éditions for the future. Should you wish to support BLF Éditions, please visit https://impactfrance.org/blf or contact Tim at president@blfeditions.com. BLF Ministries support remains unchanged.”

BLF Canada Radio Tower Base

Thank God for progress on the base of the Christian radio tower in Brownsberg-Chatham, Quebec (see photo). Pray for the safety of the workers and good continuation of the construction. Ask God to be preparing good soil in the hearts of future listeners so that they will be ready to respond when God’s truth is broadcast by this radio station in this Province, where less than 1% of the population knows and follows Jesus Christ, “and produce a harvest of thirty, sixty, or even a hundred times as much as had been planted!” Matt. 13:23

BLF Ambassadors
After a year and a quarter of Covid-19 restrictions preventing travel, Russ and Mary Ann Miller are again contacting churches and supporters of BLF Ministries to arrange visits during the summer and early fall. Ask God to guide as they put together itineraries, and that people they meet will catch BLF’s vision for expanding work to more French-speaking areas.

Hors contexte (Out of Context)

Literature Production
Hors contexte (Out of Context) is the newest book from Éditions Clé. Pray that it will help many readers of French to understand 17 Bible verses often quoted out of context and help them read and study the Bible well.

Benjamin Phillips

Phillips Family, France
Ask God to refresh Nathan as he seeks to know God more by spending this week at a Christian retreat center in the French wilderness. Remember Annie at home caring for Benjamin and Caleb who is not sleeping well due to new teeth! Ben, whose French is improving, is integrating well at school. Ben is receiving therapies to improve motor function, including a cast to retrain his foot to walk flat. Pray for a physical therapist to be found, either nearby or able to visit the home, for six weeks of intensive therapy.

God is leading BLF Ministries forward
Thank God for the vision he has given to the BLF board for our future ministry. Praise God for guiding during Angela Brandle’s meetings in Chicagoland with Board Chairman Tom Rice, staff, consultants, partners, and others interested in our ministry. Pray for God’s choice of Communications Director and Ambassadors who will share in the U.S.A. the vision God has given us so that more will join us in reaching the world’s 300 million (and counting) French-speaking people.

Democratic Republic of Congo
Pray for tens of thousands of displaced people from Goma, DRC, who fled after the eruption of Mount Nyiragongo. Farms and thousands of homes were flattened by the lava flow, and over 200 aftershocks have been crumbling structures. Some of the hundreds of children who were separated from their parents have been reunited, but others are still searching for each other. Pray for God’s people in the area and over the border in Rwanda to reach out with compassion to the many who have lost everything, and to share hope in God with a population that fears another eruption.

Congo by motorcycle

Pastor Jonas Muyima has been training Sunday School teachers in the village of Mbemba (Batéké Region) where travel is done by motorcycle or on foot. God is helping him to adapt his teaching to participants’ different levels of education and to make it practical for the Congolese context. He has extended his trip for a month because of delays caused by church schedules, transport, security, health, and more. Pray that he will be able to take the training to the churches where it is most needed.

Partners in the Congo Collaborative Group, of which BLF Ministries is part, are having good discussions toward the realization of our project to install a print-on-demand media center in Kinshasa, DRC. Ask God to guide our partners in Kinshasa to Christians with vision and commitment to be members of a local Board, and as they seek local funding for the project. BLF is also seeking funds toward the total. Ask God to put us together with donors who have a heart for affordable publication and biblical media made locally available in Kinshasa. Thank you!

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