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For Wednesday, November 4, 2020

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- With a rising number of cases of COVID-19, France is now officially in lockdown again. This means that all bookshops (including Christian bookshops) are closed and churches aren’t able to meet physically. Please pray for us at BLF Éditions as we seek to navigate these uncertain times. With this news, our finances are very stretched and humanly speaking we won’t be able to continue unless bookshops open up again soon. Please pray as we trust in Him with all things.

- Please pray for the book of Edouard Nelson being released over the next 2-3 weeks. Edouard was a pastor in Paris, vice-president of the CNEF, married to one of our board members, Laura. He sadly passed away in an accident this summer. His book which he had finished writing days before the accident, is particularly relevant in these times. The foreword of the book is written by an ex-French government minister. Please pray that we would be able to distribute this book widely despite bookshops being closed and that it would impact many.

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- Please pray for peace in our country, during the election process, continuing here in the USA. While many have been "voting" for leadership affiliated with political party icons of the "elephant" (Republicans) and the "donkey" (Democrats), pray that many would change their "party", to elect in their hearts to trust in the "lion" - the lion of the tribe of Juda - Jesus Christ - King of kings, Lord of lords.

- BLF Canada and BLF USA have had opportunity to work with Rev. Galilée J Périlus of the Word of life Evangelical Mission of the Francophone speaking people and country of Haiti. This is a growing work in Haiti and is becoming effective to reach the people in Haiti for Christ. This week we were asked to share these prayer requests - Please pray for this work and the people of Haiti...

Please continue to pray for Word of life Evangelical Mission of Haiti for:
- Finances to continue the construction of the Bible school.
- A water pump and a generator for our agriculture project.
- Books for the Bible school's library.

- Roger and Colette Ibengi in Kinshasa, D.R. Congo are part of our BLF Prayer and Praise Update French Translation Team. Roger has asked us to pray for a project they are working with there in Kinshasa...

"In Kinshasa, as in many African cities, the gospel of prosperity constitutes a great spiritual danger which has already won over many people. Many Christians see it as a weapon in Satan’s hands to deceive the world."

"The basic reason lies in ignorance. Many of the leaders of these churches, (called 'revival'), have not been trained and do not know what to preach. However, there are many of them who have a calling from God and have the gift of mentoring Christians. What they lack is essential Bible training."

"In 2018, the 'New Life training center' was opened to train pastors such as these, to accurately teach and preach the Word of God. We are excited that many of these pastors are choosing to be trained so that they will teach the truth of God's Word and therefore combat these false teachings."

"Please pray for us ..."
- For divine wisdom so that the “new life center” may transform lives in Kinshasa and other cities.
- That the Lord would raise up partners who will support us in the advancement of this precious ministry.
- That the Lord would provide for the needs of training materials and library books to help us offer good teaching to those leaders.

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