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For Wednesday, March 25, 2020


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Dear BLF Prayer Partner,

- As we all pray for our country (USA, Canada, and elsewhere), regarding the pandemic pestilence of the Covid-19 Coronavirus, be encouraged - GOD is in control. While the U.S. Centers For Disease Control (CDC) and Johns Hopkins University (at this time) show about 380,000 infected with about 16,500 deaths, they are now showing over 101,000 who have recovered. Here is a map to pray over during this difficult time.

As many world wide are quarantined by mandate or self directed and many things are changing in our lives, NOW is the time to continue in prayer. Now is the time to creatively encourage others with the good news and truth God's Word offers. While many are afraid, now is the time to point them to Jesus Christ - a very present help in this time of trouble, and (safely) help and love those around us. As we pray for God to soon bless us with the mercy of a remedy, remember, ...

If you feed your fears, you will starve your faith.
If you feed your faith, you will starve your fears.

Please spend time with your family and pray together. Spend time and read God's Word aloud.  Spend time with others on the phone to pray with them and encourage them with God's good news. Now is the time to pray ... fervently!

- Please pray for BLF Éditions and their mission to reach the Francophone world for Jesus Christ with God's Word and related Christian literature resources in French.

BLF Éditions (at their location in France) is on lockdown with only one person able to work at their facility to prepare orders. There are many orders backed up, including a few for BLFUSA destined for Congo.

That said, let's continue to rejoice and pray for the Sunday school teachers and pastors who have materials that Mamie took with her to D.R. Congo last September. They are sharing the love of Jesus and teaching their large groups of children each week.  (Fortunately the virus is not wide spread in D.R. Congo at this time.)

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- As you already know Covid-19 is greatly affecting our country (Canada) (indeed the world) and your missionaries are being affected as well. Because of Covid-19, the way we do ministry needed to change rapidly and yet the spiritual needs of people have never been greater. While meetings, presentations, outreach events have needed to be cancelled, we have had to turn to other means to do the work to which we have been called.

Just like God had prepared the universal Greek language in the early church to further the message of the Gospel in the then known world, God has prepared the world with a variety of technological advancements that are now being used to further His kingdom.

If Covid-19 had hit the world 25 years ago, we would not have had the advancement of technology that we now enjoy today - that we can now use to proclaim the Gospel, preach weekly, bear testimony and do outreach through things like face book etc.

While life on earth has changed for everyone because of Covid-19, we certainly covet your faithfulness in prayer for us as our call to the mission field has not changed. Pray that your missionaries will discover new ways to communicate the message of the Gospel and train themselves to be innovative in using technology to reach people. I am convinced that the message of the Gospel can still touch people even in a world of physical distancing.

- Toe-Blake Roy, Director of BLF Canada

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