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For Wednesday, August 28, 2019

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- Please pray for Russ and Mary Ann Miller, BLF representatives, as they are traveling to visit churches and supporters on behalf of BLF. On September 1, they will speak in Rome Community Church in Shiloh, OH. This church has been interested in BLF for a number of years and has supported Millers all this time. This weekend they are also celebrating the 150th anniversary of their church. Praise God they are still preaching the Gospel and being salt and light for Christ in their community.

- Please continue to pray for Alain and Martine Stamp. Alain worked for years with BLF Éditions in France and, as of late, are dealing with several health issues. This week Alain will have a doppler exam of his neck and arteries and will see a cardiologist. Martine is feeling better but will need to see some specialists in Strausbourg, France. Please pray for God's kindness to both of them, that He would bless them with healing, health, and some much needed rest. Please pray Numbers 6:24-26 over them.

- Please pray for Fred Mondin (editor, BLF Éditions). He is currently at the Evangelical Theological Seminary in Port-au-Prince, Haiti to provide training in effective written communication in French. Normally he would have been assisting Alain Stamp, but will be carrying the full load as Alain could not come for health reasons. Fred will also be preaching four times. Please pray for good health and God’s blessings on the training sessions, sensitivity as he ministers God’s word, and his interactions with faculty and students. He returns to France September 8. Fred is an extremely capable and godly man who will be a blessing to this group of teachers.

- Please pray for the upcoming BLF Ministries USA board meeting, Friday and Saturday, September 6-7 at the BLF USA offices in Carol Stream, IL. There are several very large and strategic issues to be determined at this meeting. We would very much covet your concerted prayer for this meeting. Please uplift each board member that God's Spirit would give each great counsel and wisdom for the decisions to be made as we truly seek His guidance. Please pray for safety for all who are traveling. We dearly implore you to please pray for this very important meeting. Thank you in advance for lifting BLF up before His throne of grace, as the significance of this board meeting is great.

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