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For Wednesday, June 12, 2019

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BLF USA 2019 Contruction Team to BLF Editions Sunday School Bible Studies - Stored Safe & Ready For Distribution

BLF USA 2019 Contruction Team to BLF Editions Hitting the bricks
for God's glory

- Please pray for BLF Éditions in France. Anytime God's people are effective for spreading the Gospel, Satan hates that and does everything he can to thwart God's people and God's work. If it's 1:00 AM Central time, Tuesday 6/11 (US), it will be about 8:00 AM in Marpent, France where BLF Éditions will be beginning their board meeting. All of us from BLF USA, would ask that you please join us to fervently pray now for the leadership and the group at BLF Éditions. Please fervently pray that Holy Spirit would lead in these meetings and people's hearts - with all of His love, wisdom, knowledge, grace, mercy, kindness and clarity for God's glory. Please pray for BLF Éditions in France.

- The BLF USA Construction Team 2019, has returned from BLF Éditions in France and thank you to each person who prayed for us.

All of the literature projects were accomplished!  PTL!

Since Russ Miller was the only man on the team, he invited two friends from Belgium to work with him on finishing the brick wall of the warehouse.

Both men came for the last two days. With that, only about half of the wall was completed. However, it is high enough now that thieves can't break in again.

For that, we thank the Lord!

The team thanks you for supporting us in prayer.

- "Wow" - we can't hardly believe something supposed to be somewhat "simple and routine" is going on for so long. It's been 6 weeks now in the hospital for the young boy with the heart condition we first shared in the May 1st Prayer & Praise. While we can't mention his name, please continue to pray for this young boy who kept popping in our BLF USA's office with smiles and encouragement from time to time. Pray that God would restore him and he would soon be released from the hospital.

- Thank You for uplifting this past Wednesday night's BLF USA teleconference board meeting. Many impactful issues were discussed that will have significance to reach the Francophone world for Christ. We are excited about new opportunities for "on-site" "print-on-demand" options we are investigating for printing Bible studies and other BLF materials for peoples whose distribution logistics are difficult and complicated - particularly in the African continent.

- Please pray for the Evangelical Churches in Chad. BLF USA director Rory Clark, at the BLF USA teleconference board meeting, shared of a recently held conference titled "Building The Resilience Of The Church In Chad", held in the violence torn country of Chad. (Chad is one of the Francophone speaking countries of Africa.) Here are some things these believers are asking God for - things each of us can partner with them in prayer:
- The persecution of Christians in Chad;
- Confusion in bilingualism between the promotion of a language and Islamization;
- The complicit silence of some Christians in decision-making;
- The quarrels between Christian churches, and ecclesiastical imperialism;
- The running of contests and exams on Sunday;
- The imposition of the confessional oath in a secular Republic;
- The instrumentalization of the conflict between livestock herders and farmers;
- The limitations of religious freedom;
- The formation of Christians in the life of prayer at all levels;
- The spiritual preparation to face persecution;
- The preparation of the Church in Chad to build required resilience;
- The commitment to intensify intentional discipleship in churches;
- Encouragement of the culture of peace at all levels;
- Awareness of the enemy's strategy of creating divisions within denominations to weaken them;
- Chad's withdrawal from the Organization of the Islamic Conference (O.C.I.);
- The organization of a national forum on cultural initiation and persecution in Chad;
- The encouragement of Christians to daily reading and meditation of the Word of God, and the family worship

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