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For Wednesday, June 5, 2019

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BLF USA 2019 Contruction Team to BLF Editions Children and families who will be receiving BLF Sunday School materials

BLF USA 2019 Contruction Team to BLF Editions Click above for a larger view. Click HERE for a better view of the team.

- There are 25 sets of Sunday School Curriculum on their way from BLF Éditions in France to a location Ohio where they will be packed into special shipping barrels before heading to the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa. (Yes this shipping route is complicated!) Please pray for safe travels of these materials to their destination. Here is a picture of some of the children and families who will benefit from the materials. We praise God for a church in California providing much of the cost of shipping - for which we are very thankful.

- Please continue to uplift the BLF USA construction team now at BLF Éditions. Here's some updates:
- The team is working on installing a metal support beam prior to laying bricks. A few men will be assisting Russ Miller on that project - pray for wisdom, safety and progress.

- BLF Éditions recently received a large order for their Manga series. Some of the team has pitched in on working with the order as well as summer intern, Claire Miller. Praise God for people's interest in the Gospel.
- One of the ladies that is part of the team called the BLF US office about a year ago regarding Christian tracts in French - now she is part of the team in France. Praise God for His workings to allow her to participate in this team from such a simple beginning.

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- This week the municipality of Brownsburg-Chatham, Québec, Canada, will be having a regular town council meeting where they will be discussing (and will hopefully approve!) of a radio antenna to be installed at Brownsburg Regular Baptist Church (BRBC). The antenna would technically go higher than what the current bylaws allow, so an application has been made for a waiver to be approved for the antenna. The municipality has already approved the establishing of a radio station at BRBC.

Pray that the antenna will be approved. Once the town's approval goes through, everything will be set to submit an updated application to the CRTC to obtain a radio broadcasting license. BLF Canada is partnering with Galcom, BRBC, Hope for Today and Trans World Radio to set up 100 evangelistic radio stations across Quebec. The station at BRBC will be "the mother station" for the other Christian radio stations to follow.

Linda and Toe-Blake Roy
Linda and Toe-Blake Roy

- Please pray for BLF Canada Director Toe-Blake Roy and his wife Linda as they celebrate their wedding anniversary this week!

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