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For Wednesday, May 29, 2019

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BLF USA 2019 Contruction Team to BLF Editions Click above for a larger view. Click HERE for a better view of the team - Who are doing "OK"!

- The BLF USA construction team is now at BLF Éditions in Marpent, France, where they're eager to get to work. They are also asking for people to lift them up in prayer for their work this coming week.  Please pray that the Lord will supply the strength and protection needed to lay bricks and complete the wall of the warehouse. There are also several other projects that they hope to accomplish while they're there. Please pray that the results of this work would further getting God's Word into to the hands of Francophone people around the world.

- Russ and Mary Ann Miller, while working on the construction team at BLF Éditions, are also asking for prayer for their son his wife and their family:
"Our youngest son Jonathan, his wife Heather and their three children, ages 2, 5 and 8, have been on a long term missions assignment in Liberia where Jon is construction manager for expanding the missions hospital on a local ELWA compound. Heather has recently had some significant health issues and was recently evacuated to Paris for hospitalization, testing and treatment. Jon has flown to Nairobi with the children where Heather's mother is taking care of them. Jon is now hoping to fly to Paris to be with Heather, as it looks like she'll be there a while."
Please pray for Heather that an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan can be determined and God would return her to full health.
Please pray for the rest of the family that God would minister to ALL their needs during this stressful time.
Please pray that others would see God's hand in all of this - that He might be glorified and cause many to come and worship Christ as Lord.

- Several weeks ago we shared about a small boy who frequents our BLF USA office in Carol Stream - who had a heart operation. While we're pleased to share that he is making forward progress, he is having many struggles and is still in the hospital. We would ask you to continue to lift him up in prayer. Thanks!

- One last thing for this week... Please lift up the ministries of BLF Canada and BLF Éditions. BLF USA, along with our partners, has a common goal ... to see the French speaking people of the world come to know Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord and to worship Him for all eternity.

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