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For Wednesday, May 8, 2019

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Linda and Toe-Blake Roy

Click on the image above for the
BLF 2019 Prayer Calendar for Muslims of the Francophone World
during the season of Ramadan

- God has a heart to reach ALL mankind for redemption through the work of His Son, Jesus Christ - that ALL mankind might worship and give glory to God.

There are approximately 2 billion people worldwide who practice Islam. God loves these people and is doing amazing things to bring many Muslims to a redemptive trust of Jesus Christ as their Savior and Lord (or "Īsā al-Masih" as expressed in Arabic). There are many African and middle Eastern countries whose trade language is French and whose people groups practice Islam.

The Islamic season of Ramadan started on Monday, May 6th and continues through June 4th. Click HERE for an interactive and printable .PDF calendar to pray for many of the Islamic Francophone people groups during this season. If you click on a photo within the PDF, you will get more prayer information for that people group on the Joshua Project website (which is also making this BLF calendar available). If you click on the name of a country, you will get a short Prayercast video for that country.

All of these groups are unreached for Christ. Tragically, 13 of the days we pray for groups with 0% Christians of any kind, much less Evangelical. The highest percentage of believers in any of these people groups is 1.2%. Please pray that God would open their eyes, their hearts, and reveal the truth of Jesus Christ, of who Jesus is, ("Īsā al-Masih"), and His love for them.

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Linda and Toe-Blake Roy

François Label, François Bergeron (evangelist), François Bédard (BLF Canada missionary), at a recent evangelism event in La Pocatière.

- Please pray for the various Evangelism campaigns taking place across Quebec. Many events have already taken place at Easter and follow up is under way. So far, 12 responses have been sent in from this outreach.

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