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For Wednesday, July 11, 2018

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- The outreach of BLF Canada to Haiti continues.

Toe-Blake Rory, Director of BLF Canada is on a teaching missions trip there in Haiti now. Things have become significantly difficult because of the current strife throughout the country. He is scheduled to fly back via Port-au-Prince on Wednesday with Air Transat. We need your prayers for the current political situation in Haiti as this might affect his return.

Last week the government raised the price of fuel 38%. The Haitian citizens have been protesting and these are violent protests. A video from CNN documents the violence and unrest.


While the government has since rescinded the decision to raise the price of fuel, the damage is done. There are blocked roads and burning cars along the main roads.

Toe-Blake is currently in Gonaives, Haiti, which is about 2 hours north of the Port-au-Prince. He has seen firsthand the results of the looting in the north, but the situation in Port-au-Prince is worse. Tuesday morning he is scheduled to travel down to Port-au-Prince and stay in a hotel there in order to be close to the airport. We have been keeping an eye out on the Air Transat website as that Sunday’s flight was delayed 24hrs because of the violence in Port-Au-Prince. Some other major airlines have cancelled all flights to-from Haiti. We are praying that things will improve by Tuesday as Toe-Blake may have to stay in Gonaives for a while if they don’t. This would not only be an inconvenience but also not good for his health. He only traveled with 10 days worth of medications.

We need urgent prayer regarding the following.
- Please Pray for Toe-Blake’s safety and health.
- Pray for no travel delays.
- Please Pray the violence will stop.
- Pray for our brothers and sisters in Haiti as they deal with the unrest in their country.

For more details of Toe-Blake's journey, HERE is Toe-Blake's most recent report update.

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Mary Ann's Book Corner

This week on Mary Ann's Book Corner, we are featuring another book released by BLF Éditions that is available in both French and English - "Unlimited Grace", by Bryan Chapell - now reaching the Francophone world for Christ as "Grâce infinie".

Click HERE for this book review. Please pray for the effectiveness of the mission work of BLF Éditions as well as the outreach for Christ to the entire Francophone world by all of BLF.

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