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For Wednesday, May 30, 2018

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For BLF Canada ...

- On May 31st, the CRTC will have a hearing to determine whether or not to grant a radio license for Evangelical radio stations in Quebec. Please pray that the license will be approved. (BLF Canada has been working in partnership with Hope for Today, Galcom, Trans-World Radio, and local churches to set up 100 radio stations across Quebec)

From Toe Blake Rory, Director, BLF Canada ...
"I got a call this afternoon from pastor Galilée in Haiti and he wanted me to express his gratitude to BLF Éditions and BLF USA and all those who support them for their generosity for the BLF books that were sent to Haiti from Europe. All the books have arrived well in advance of the course and in great condition. We praise the Lord for his provision. I am now waiting for July 4th to teach the course of which the books will play a key part. Thank You."


For BLF USA ...

The 30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World, is an international movement that began in 1993. It calls the church to make a deliberate but respectful effort to learn about, pray for and reach out to our world’s Muslim neighbors. It coincides annually with the important Islamic month of religious observation — Ramadan, a time of the year when Muslims are much more deeply aware of spiritual matters. For many Muslim people groups, French is their predominate spoken and written language. We wish to join together in prayer for our Muslim neighbors and nations. Will you join us on these days? Thank you.

30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World

Nathan, Annie and Benjamin Phillips

From Nathan, Annie, Benjamin Phillips and Ragamuffin,
BLF USA Missionaries to BLF Éditions in France

Everyone has times when there are just too many things to think about and your brain starts turning in circles of stress. Though we are trying to think of each question mark as an opening to see what God is going to accomplish, there are just a lot of question marks in our lives at the moment. Please pray for us to feel God’s peace and to give Him glory for each problem solved. Specifically, we are looking for God’s answers for: the timing of our visas, American tax amendments, French taxes, furlough speaking dates, ACA approved health insurance in America, etc.

Praise God for providing a family that is willing to care for our dog, Ragamuffin, over our furlough in America – though we still need someone for the end of July and August.

BLF Éditions in Marpent, France

Here is the latest news and requests from the BLF USA construction team working at the BLF Éditions facilities in France:

--The last two team members arrived safely. The entire team has worked hard all week and accomplished much. We praise the Lord for each person's contributions.
--The concrete was poured Monday afternoon and the men are still working it as this is being written. We praise the Lord that no one has been injured, but we do have sore backs and muscles.

--Please pray that we'll be able to continue working through Saturday. We now have the bricks and materials to make mortar. Pray that we'll be able to lay a significant number of bricks to fortify the outside wall of the warehouse.
--Pray that all of the team will arrive back home safely next Monday and Tuesday.

Thank you so much for praying for this team. We have felt your prayers and thank the Lord for your partnership.

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