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For Wednesday, February 14, 2018

For BLF Éditions ...

- Praise God for Lee Strobel, Josh McDowell and Greg Koukl who wrote an endorsement for BLF's next book "Faith Has Its Reasons", by French author Guillaume Bignon !

- Praise God we were able to officially welcome Philippe to our team last week. He has agreed to a temporary "Civil Service" position as Stock Assistant and overall muscle as we work to expand and organize our storage spaces. His position, for the next 9 months, is subsidized by the French government! He is very happy to be able to serve God with BLF. Praise God for Philippe's enthusiasm, and please pray that God grant him wisdom, strength, and safety as he works.

- Please be in prayer for the editorial team: Philip, Fred, Audrey, and Ruben. This week they will be discussing the different French authors' projects. There are several books at different stages of the editorial process. Please pray for our BLF team as well as the French authors as they work to find the words that will encourage and edify French-speakers around the world.

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Lee Strobel, Josh McDowell and Greg Koukl endorsing BLF Éditions's next book - Faith Has Its Reasons
Lee Strobel, Josh McDowell
and Greg Koukl endorsing
BLF Éditions's next book
"Faith Has Its Reasons"
by French author
Guillaume Bignon

Praise God for additional storage resources for distributing God's Good News to Francophones world wide!
Please pray for the
BLF Éditions Editorial Board

For BLF Canada ...

- Praise the Lord for the record turnout at the BLF Canada fundraiser last weekend (10 Feb). 52 people came out to hear about God’s work with the French world. Over $3500 was raised at the event, with pledges for $6000 more!

-Praise the Lord for the increased interest in French missions
-Praise the Lord for the funds that were raised.
-Pray that the donors will be blessed.
-Pray for the work of BLF Canada in reaching the French world for Christ.

- It is not too late to donate! If you know someone who wants to sponsor the purchase of a Bible Dictionary (in French) for a Haitian pastor, share this link:

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Invitation To Attend the 2/10/2018 BLF Canada Breakfast

For BLF USA ...

- We praise God for how He works people's lives when we pray for them. This week we have had a good report on Mary Ann Miller's recovery from a recent hip replacment surgery. She's doing GREAT, has now completed therapy and is well on the road to full health. Russ and Mary Ann are excited about how God has enabled them to be back in His service to reach the Francophone world for Christ!

- Next week, a report from BLF USA director Rory Clark with the Perspectives translation project!


BLF USA Reps Russ and Mary Ann< Miller
Russ and Mary Ann

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