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For Wednesday, July 5
th , 2017

Pray for the Francophone world, that their eyes and their hearts might be opened to who Jesus Christ is – Savior, Lord, Messiah, the Son of God, King of kings.

Around the world French speakers all need to know Jesus Christ. Please pray for them now.

Below are some current news items and things that need prayer now. Please lift them up.

Thank you.

May God richly bless you as you pray and praise!

For BLF Canada ...

- Update on the Haiti shipment.
The six computers we sent for the new seminary arrived in fine condition as well as the photo copier for Sunday school materials, but the blank paper we sent with it is not usable. The 150 French Bibles are mostly damaged except for a few and most of the books that we sent for the seminary library have been too damaged to be used. We also lost some 20 copies of course notes out of 150. Pastor Galilée in Haiti has confirmed in a phone conversation that there are 130 pastors already registered for the course and more are signing in every day.

The shipping company has greatly expressed their regrets for this situation and is willing to give us a major financial break on the next shipment to Haiti. This might turn out to be a blessing in disguise because some pastors in Quebec are taking their retirement and are donating their pastoral library to good causes. Since it appears that we will have a major financial break on the next shipment, we could ship pastoral donated books to the seminary in Haiti for a more reasonable price.

Please continue to pray for the pastors in Haiti. In spite of this situation, they are still committed to take the course. We are also praising the Lord for the 250 audio Bibles that have been spared from the damage in shipment. A second shipment of 500 audio Bibles in French and Creole have been shipped from Hamilton, by Galcom International. Since they were not part of the same shipment, they arrived safely.

Thank you for your prayers as BLF Canada director Toe-Blake Roy prepares to depart for Haiti on July 5th and will be ministering there until the 12th of July!

Canada BLF Logo

Gonaives, Haiti
Gonaives, Haiti

Toe-Blake and Linda Rory
and Linda Roy

For BLF USA ...

- We praise God for the two Catholic priests in Chad who want the BLF Sunday school materials for their churches in the outlying parts of Chad. We love the idea of the children being taught Bible lessons from these materials that were specifically written for Africa. Please continue to pray for the funding needed to print more materials to meet these kinds of needs.

- As BLF Canada Director Toe-Blake Roy is in Haiti this week teaching Haitian pastors, please also pray for Haiti and the recently appointed Jovenel Moïse, president and Jack Guy Lafontant, prime minister of this war torn and poverty-stricken nation. Haiti’s past brutal leaders and spiritual bondage have promoted a spirit of violence for centuries. Children are sold out of desperation. Pray for protection and compassion for them. Pray that the power of the Holy Spirit would overcome the forces of evil. Pray for continued generous help from wealthier nations and aid agencies. Pray for more Christian workers who can speak Creole and pray for Haiti’s healing through hope and faith as they see the love of God poured out. Pray our hearts would break and God would do a work in each one reading this.

[Source: Pray for the World. Wall, Molly and Operation World. Intervarsity Press, Downers Grove, IL, 2015. Page 95-96.]

Pray for Jovenel Moïse, President of Haiti
Pray for
Jovenel Moïse,
of Haiti
Pray for the leaders and people of French Guiana
Pray for
the leaders
and the people
of Haiti
Pray for Jack Guy Lafontant, Prime Minister of Haiti
Pray for
Jack Guy Lafontant,
Prime Minister
of Haiti

Please click HERE to learn how to pray for the leaders and people of the Haiti. For more information on Haiti, please visit the Joshua Project to learn more ways to pray for the peoples (and people) of Haiti.


Please pray for the people and leaders of Haiti
Please pray for
the people and leaders
of Haiti

Pray for the World
Pray For The World

Please pray for the people and leaders of Haiti
Please pray for
the people and leaders
of Haiti

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